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Lead/Query Pricing Terms and conditions for leads Posted on Service Ninjas Partner App

By using Service Ninjas Partner app offered by Tecmicra Solutions, you agree to our terms and rates mentioned herewith and the same may be subject to change without prior notice.

Downloading and installing the Service Ninjas Partner App from google play store is totally free (Download Link : ). However the relevant customer leads / queries for different service verticals available on the app may be posted at different rates which may be purchased by a partner from a prepaid wallet balance, the details of which are mentioned below : 

  1. AC Service : Lead price ( Between Rs 150 to 250 ) + 10% Commission on bill amount greater than Rs1000.
  2. Laptop Repair : Lead Price ( Between Rs 30 to 60) + 5% Commision on bill amount greater than Rs 1000.
  3. Website Development  and Digital Maketing Services : Lead Price (Between Rs 100 to 200) + 5% commision on bill amount greater than Rs 1000.
  4. CCTV Service : Lead Price (Between Rs50 to 80) + 2% Commission on bill amount greater than Rs 1000.
  5. Wedding & Prewedding Photography:  Lead Price (Between Rs50 to 100) + 5% commission on bill amount greater than Rs1000.
  6. Makeup Artist : Lead Price (Rs 50 to Rs 100 )+ 5%commission on bill amount greater than Rs 1000.
  7. For other service information, contact us at
The partner would be responsible for providing satisfactory services to the customers. Any service  complaints made by the customer must be rectified by the partner in the least possible time. Any failure would result in an immediate account suspension and any refunds to the customer will be provided from the pending wallet balance.

Refund Policy 

Note that the lead price would only be refundable in case the info of customer provided is incorrect or the partner is unable to reach customer or the lead is false or on any related issue. Also updating the bill amount after work completion is absolutely compulsory. We may also reverify the bill amount with customer after the updation of work. Any discrepancy or not following the above terms may lead to account suspension on temporary basis until the partner gets the matter sorted with Service Ninjas team and the customer.   

Also the partner at any time can request the transfer of wallet balance to their bank accounts if all the purchased leads are completed and there are no pending warranties. Such refunds would be done with in 7 working days.

Cancellation Policy

For Partners : If vendor at any point of time want to leave the partner program , then the partner is eligible for full refund of the remaining wallet balance. The refund in such cases will be done in 7 working days. Incase the partner has provided some warranty to the customer then the refund will be generated as soon as the warranty period is over.

For Customer : Incase a customer decides to cancel a booking. Then any advance taken from the customer will be refunded back in 3 working days by the partner. Also the partner would get a complete refund in the wallet within 24 working hours. Incase the cancellation is done by customer owing to partner mistake such as high prices, bad attitude, not following covid guidelines etc , then no refund in the wallet will be provided and the partner account may also get suspended.

Shipping Policy

The delivery of services is done by the partners registered on Service Ninjas. On successfull completeion of the services, the partner must upload the bill amount and bill image with no further delay. Any complaint from customer related to the service will lead to immediate account suspension.


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